Have you already missed weird animatronics from FNAF? Do not worry, the adventures are not over! It is a new episode of the epic series. It is scary, but you need to return to Freddy’s pizzeria. You will again have to assume the role of a guard with five night shifts ahead. The place has been reworked in a new installment. Now you will get access to more powerful cameras. But there is something you should be ready too – the company of your opponents has grown – you will face two more toys now. And they are also your enemies, willing to put their hands of you. The rest remains the same – you must try to hold out till the dawn then the creatures lose all their powers. But the night will be nightmarish!

Avoid meeting toys face to face!

Of course, it is not a joke to compete with these creatures without a weapon. And the only device you have in hands is a flashlight. It may scare them off but not for long. So it is better to avoid popping up on their way. Do not forget that you are absolutely vulnerable now! All you can do is to maneuver in the way for the robots not to reach you. Stay in your little office and control the screens connected to the surveillance cameras. When you see any of your enemies come too close to your office door – activate the auto lock without delay. If you manage to create a cunning strategy to confuse your adversaries, you will live. But even one mistake can become fatal for you! Take care and try to survive through five long nights!

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