It is the first part of the epic horror series. Five Nights at Freddy’s is something each horror fan should experience. The story starts in a pizzeria. It is your first working day in this place. You like everything, especially lovely animated toys that entertain all visitors. But soon you will learn something really embarrassing. It all will start when everyone leaves and you remain alone in the building. Friendly toys have come to life! Just look at them – they do not seem kind any more. These are true monsters, evil and aggressive. They are in the mood to play their cruel games with you. But it is obvious that your role is doomed in this confrontation if you do not invent something. Are you ready to survive?

Be smart or die!

You will not be able to find a peaceful approach to these bloodthirsty creatures. They are determined to reach you! What can you do to make it through till the morning when pizzeria reopens. Your shelter is a tiny office of a security guard, equipped with surveillance cameras and an auto lock. However, you cannot keep the door locked for too long or you will waste all your electricity supply. So you will need to monitor their movements and act when they are too close to you. Do not underestimate your opponents. They are very cunning and will attack you when you expect it the least. Make sure you are ready to protect yourself at any moment. Once you try this adventure, you will definitely want to try new episodes!

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