The legendary FNAF series has managed to attract millions of players by its cool plot and unique personages. These are animatronics – robotic toys with treacherous intentions. According to the plot, you are always forced to stay in one building with these creatures for the night. But they immediately stop being friendly and outgoing and turn into monsters. This time, you are invited to the unofficial version of the game – FNAF Help Wanted – which comes with a unique twist. You can now use a virtual reality headset, raising the level of terror to a new height. So, it is time to discover a cool collection of exhilarating mini-games.

Survive for several nights

The player has exactly the same objective as in previous chapters. You are a night guard. But do not expect it is going to be a routine job. The animatronics are waiting for the right moment to catch you. They will hunt you from everywhere, and VR element makes the walkthrough especially frightening. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat every second. 50 mini-games will immerse you in a thrilling and perilous atmosphere. Within this horror universe, you will face various tasks essential for survival. From repairing ventilation to fixing animatronics, you must navigate through the eerie environment, hoping not to attract the enemy’s attention. It is an endless flow of thrills and jumpscares you will go through. Every game is a separate challenge! You will need all your courage for this electrifying experience. Best of luck in this incredible trial!

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