Sonic.Exe 2 is a continuation of the creepypasta Sonic.X.exe, where the victims this time include Amy, Cream, and Eggman. However, the antagonist responsible for their demise is not Sonic.exe but Chris.exe. Chris transforms into a monster similar to Sonic.exe and compels them to meet their demise.

The game lacks a distinct plot, allowing players to interpret the events from their own perspectives.


Developed by NovaWare and featuring a single-player mode, Sonic.Exe 2 adopts a side-scrolling platformer approach with minimal gameplay elements. Each act begins with the player on the left side of the screen. At the start of the game, players have an infinite number of lives. Throughout the gameplay, control is handed over to Sonic, guiding him through the levels.

In the initial zone, eight rings are present, although they don’t serve any significant purpose in the game. The focus remains on side-scrolling platform action with limited gameplay complexity. The absence of a detailed narrative allows players to engage with the game based on their own interpretations.

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