Think the job of a night guard at a pizza place must be the safest in town? Think again! The evil animatronics are already awake in FNAF 9, and they can feel your presence from behind that security glass. Brace yourself for another five nights of chills and thrills!

Freddy is back and more dangerous than ever!

Freddy and his plush gang are getting more wicked and dangerous by the game. They won’t stop util they sink their mechanic claws into you, so you have to beat them to the punch and come up with a clever strategy of keeping them at bay. Luckily, they’re not so dangerous as long as you can make sure they stay at a safe distance and there are at least several doors separating you.

However, watch out – it’s enough to look away just once to miss an invasion through the vents or overlook one of the monsters slipping through the door you forgot to close. Keep those eyes fixed on your security cameras to know where your enemies are at all times!

And of course, there is the old problem with the power supply – you’re at the risk of running short of electricity to feed those cameras and doors any moment. If that happens, you’ll be a sitting duck, so don’t hit the buttons on your control panel mindlessly, even if you’re feeling a bit (or a lot) panicky!

FNAF 9 will surely give you some thrilling emotions and maybe even a few nightmares afterwards. Plunge right in and prepare to meet Freddy and his animatronic friends with the nonchalance befitting of a FNAF night guard!

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