FNIA 3D is a fan-made game that offers a unique reinterpretation of the animatronics from the original FNAF game, bringing a new perspective to the horror genre.

A Fresh Take on the Classic FNAF Setting

In FNIA 3D players are introduced to Fredina’s Anime Convention, a fictional establishment set in the near future of 2025. The setting is an anime enthusiast’s paradise, where fans gather to discuss Japanese animation, read manga, watch anime, and enjoy concerts surrounded by beautifully designed female animatronics. During the day, the convention serves as a vibrant and engaging hub for anime culture.

However, as night falls, the convention transforms. The animatronics, which are passive and part of the attraction by day, become active. The player’s role as the night guard is to ensure the safety of the establishment, using cameras and doors to protect against these animated beings.

Behavior and Characteristics of the Animatronics

FNIA 3D inspired by the gameplay and characters of FNaF 1, introduces four distinct animatronics, each with their behavior patterns:

Fredina, the bear: A brown-colored animatronic who remains inactive on the stage until the third night. She gradually moves toward the office, trying to reach the guard. If the power runs out before morning, she attacks like Freddy.

Bonnie, the bunny: A blue-colored animatronic active from the first night. She moves towards the left door, and can be stopped by closing it.

Chica, the chicken: A yellow-colored animatronic showing activity almost from the beginning of the game. She heads to the right entrance door of the office and attacks if the door is not closed.

Foxy, the fox: A red-colored animatronic positioned in Pirate’s Cove. She requires attention, so players must regularly check on her through the cameras to prevent her attack. Foxy becomes active on the third night and stays behind the curtain until then.

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