Are you waiting for new adventures with insane animatronics? A new release is already here! It’s FNAF Survival Crew! If you have played FNAF earlier, you know the story. You find yourself in one building with evil toys who turn into real monsters when you remain alone. As a rule, you play for a night guard. But instead of safeguarding the place, you will have to protect yourself. Your opponents will try to capture you. All previous chapters were designed for one player. But this latest installment is multiplayer. This time, it will be much harder to avoid your enemies. Moreover, you can easily transform into one of them! And it depends only on your wits and agility whether you can outsmart them!

Your mission is to survive!

This new story is multiplayer. And you play for a member of night crew. However, you do not see your colleagues – you need to find them and rescue them from insane robots. Be careful, the animatronics are everywhere, hunting you on your way. You must find batteries hidden around the place to charge all panels and electrocute animated toys. Otherwise, they will attack you. The thing is that in this case, you will immediately turn into one of them and join their team! Do not allow it to happen! Make sure you study the place thoroughly to find the batteries before you lose everything. Do you believe you have enough courage to complete this task in such a dangerous environment? Rely on your instincts not to get into multiple traps! Best of luck!

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