Every active gamer knows Roblox, a platform with user-generated content, where users can create and share their own games. Here, you will find a lot of horror titles, FNAF-themed games in particular. The players can experience thrills and suspense associated with the original FNAF series. You know well that you are to encounter animatronic characters similar to those in the original FNAF universe, navigate through haunted locations, and try to survive the night. This time, the challenge is really insane. Moreover, the new chapter is multiplayer. Do you believe it will be easier now to outperform treacherous toys? Not at all! Now they possess enough powers to make you one of them! Are you ready for such a trial?

Enjoy the latest FNAF release!

In this new adventure, you assume the role of a member of a night security team. You are again to spend a few nights in the place inhabited by evil robotic toys. Your opponents are quite bloodthirsty and will immediately start hunting you. This time, you will have a task to find batteries and charge five panels. These are hidden somewhere around, so you must closely explore the surrounding to spot these. You should always remain on the alert – the enemy can appear from nowhere. Will you manage to find all five panels before any of the animatronics reaches you? It will require strong logical skills and agility. Embark on this new adventure to receive a good portion of adrenaline.

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