The game belongs to the horror genre. It is created on the basis of a popular FNAF series. The main difference from the original is that an open game world is recreated here with the possibility of free movement. Here you do not have to constantly sit in a closed room. You can freely move along a variety of locations. It can be a pizzeria or another place related to the history of previous games.

The complexity of levels

During the passage, you have to solve puzzles, create obstacles to animatronics in order to survive. The solution of riddles may include a search for tips, disclosure of secrets or interaction with objects in the game world. You still have to face animatronics, so be prepared to defend yourself and avoid their attacks. It is important to monitor their movements and take appropriate security measures in order to survive.

Innovations in the game

In this game, a system of collecting various objects and achievements can be provided. Explore the game world to find hidden objects or complete certain tasks to obtain achievements. The plot represents its unique story that complements the universe. Study the environment and learn more details and events that are associated with animatronics and pizzerias. Exploring the game world, you can find objects and get additional rewards, which makes the process more interesting.

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