FNaF VHS is a fan-made game by YouTuber Squimpus McGrimpus, inspired by the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. The series is styled in the form of VHS recordings, creating an atmosphere of nostalgia and eeriness. To date, two seasons of the series have been released, each delving deeper into the lore of the FNaF universe.

The series begins with a disclaimer warning viewers of the disturbing content ahead. It features a segment showing performances by the animatronics Fredbear and Spring Bonnie. This is followed by text descriptions of the springlock suits, enhancing the eerie and mysterious tone of the series. The narrative then shifts to the office of the night guard from FNaF 1, where hallucinations of Golden Freddy appear. A cryptic message about four tapes hidden in the animatronics’ empty heads is displayed, hinting at deeper secrets in the storyline.

The series acknowledges the viewer’s discovery of a fifth tape and then addresses someone specifically, revealing more about the tragic backstory of the character’s brother and their father. It mentions an incident involving a Spring Bonnie suit, accompanied by chilling human breathing sounds and the agonizing screams as the springlocks fail. The message divulges a secret about the character’s father, hinting at his continued presence in the building. The viewer is then guided to a canister of gasoline near a back entrance, suggesting a way to end the ongoing horror. The series concludes with a heartfelt message to the character Michael, expressing love and the promise of a happy ending, signifying the end of their long ordeal and the hope for freedom and forgiveness.

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