FNAF The Glitched Attraction is a futuristic take on the renowned Five Nights at Freddy’s series, set in the year 2032. This game introduces a new narrative and gameplay elements, keeping players engaged with its innovative design and challenges.

A New Adventure in Fazbear’s World

The story unfolds with the protagonist receiving messages from a character named Kyle, inviting them to visit the new Fazbear Attraction. The main character, intrigued by this invitation, sets out to explore this novel establishment. Upon arrival, the player is greeted by two robots. The first robot provides an overview of the attraction and collects the entry fee, while the second robot takes the player’s belongings for safekeeping, marking the beginning of the gameplay.

The game’s progression is structured around several rooms, each presenting its own set of puzzles and tasks. Successfully completing these allows the player to advance to the next room. The order of the rooms and their unique challenges form the core of the gameplay experience.

Navigating Through The Glitched Attraction

The first area, the Lobby, introduces players to the Dispatcher of Tips, a blue monitor that provides objectives for each room. After this introduction, players enter the first room, filled with lively music and a stage featuring animatronics Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. Across from them is Pirate’s Cove with Foxy. Interacting with a flashlight button triggers Foxy to give the player a flashlight, followed by the curtains closing and a red button appearing near a ventilation shaft. Pressing this button opens the vent, allowing passage to the next room.

The second room, named ‘Nightmares,’ resembles the setting from FNAF 4 but incorporates elements from Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, including posters and wall drawings. To progress through this room, players must:

– Assemble a puzzle featuring Freddy.
– Find two keys in one of the nightstands.
– Use the keys to open a chest and retrieve the final puzzle piece.
– Place the piece in the puzzle, causing a painting to fall and reveal a code.
– Open a large left nightstand near the bed to find a safe, then enter the wall code.
– Retrieve an axe from the safe and break through boards blocking the exit.

However, the challenge intensifies as Nightmare Bonnie appears, forcing the player to hastily leave the room.

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