If there is a top of horror games, the FNAF series can always be found there. It is a unique adventure that attracted millions of horror enthusiasts. If you have already played all its episodes, we have something incredibly new for you. It is an unofficial version devoted to animatronics – FNAF Help Wanted. But this time, the developers added something really exciting – you can use virtual reality headset to make the walkthrough truly terrible. Roughly, the key idea of the official release is preserved – you are to face evil toys and survive several nights in the same premises with them. This time, it will be the scariest experience ever!

Hold out got for five nights!

This time the entertainment presents 50 mini-games. And in each of them, you will interact with the iconic animatronics. Events unfold across intriguing maps resembling mysterious mazes, filled with obstacles and traps. However, the malevolent creatures remain the biggest obstacle. Once night descends, toys turn into monsters, relentlessly seeking for new victims. Survival becomes your only goal, and there is no chance to escape through the door. Instead, you can only keep your enemies at a safe distance. You can also control the toys through surveillance cameras and lock the doors to your office when necessary. The clock is ticking, and every minute turns into an hour Can you outsmart sinister animatronics and make it through the night?

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