Undertale Yellow is a fan-made prequel to the acclaimed game Undertale, offering a new perspective on the Undertale universe. The game is set before the events of the original and introduces players to an original storyline centered around a new protagonist.

New Protagonist and Setting

The main character of Undertale Yellow is Clover, a human child who, much like the protagonist in “Undertale,” falls into the Underground, the realm of monsters. This prequel explores Clover’s journey through this subterranean world, filled with challenges, puzzles, and interactions with various characters. The game expands on the lore of Undertale by providing a backstory to the Underground and its inhabitants.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Undertale Yellow preserves the core mechanics of the original game, including the turn-based combat system and the emphasis on player choice, which affects the narrative’s direction. Players can choose to approach conflicts either peacefully or aggressively, with their choices impacting the game’s outcome. The game introduces new puzzles and enemies, offering a fresh experience while staying true to the spirit of the original Undertale.

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