When we first started playing FNAF, it was just a thing in itself. Nobody knew a thing about the animatronics and how they came to be. Until the updates that shed some light on their background story. And the crazy genius behind their invention. In FNAF Killer in Purple, you get to step into the blood-splashed shoes of this mad guy and see what it’s like to be a maniac, stalk your victims and kill them in the grimmest ways possible!

Who is Killer in Purple?

So, one day a man related to as simple the Purple Guy opened a pizza place to greet kids and adults alike and treat them to the tastiest pizza in town. But he wasn’t fully right in his head, and his dark side gradually took over. He was very tech-savvy, so he created animatronics – adorable clockwork toys that were meant to entertain the visitors. Somehow he managed to put a piece of his own twisted personality into them, and they ended up as relentless monsters coming to life at night and tearing anyone they saw to pieces. The Purple Guy himself would participate in the mayhem, dressed in a purple bear costume. The one you’re about to wear in this thrilling game!

Unleash your inner maniac and enjoy the thrill!

Your goal as the Killer in Purple is to sneak around the pizzeria, pick out your next victim and lure them into some dark and cozy corner where you can finish them off. You have to be extra cautious and totally elusive. There are cameras all over the place – you don’t wanna get taped by any of them. So you have to keep playing the role of an innocent mascot while looking for an opportunity to do your bloody job. Feel what it’s like to be a serial killer, maximize your body count and enjoy the adrenaline in FNAF Killer in Purple!

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