Welcome to the nightmarishly fun world of FNAF 4 – where the animatronics aren’t the only things that go bump in the night! You play as a fearless child, trapped in a haunted house filled with spooky animatronics. Are you ready to meet your fears and make it through the night? Then grab your flashlight and let’s go!

Everything we love and dead about FNAF, nursery version

Prepare for a truly suspenseful and nerve-wracking adventure – you must survive five nights by keeping the animatronics at bay. But beware, these craters that are after you no ordinary plushies – they’re nothing short of little demons that come alive when the lights go out!

Your trusty flashlight is your best friend – use it to ward off the creepy critters and shine light into the dark corners of the room. It’s like being in your very own ghost-hunting adventure, but with animatronics instead of spirits! And you always have to keep your little eyes peeled and to be one step ahead if you hope to stay alive until morning.

The animatronics aren’t just scary; they’re hilariously unpredictable! Imagine them playing tricks on your freaked out mind, giggling like mischievous imps, and lurking in every shadow! As the nights progress, the challenges get crazier – you’ll have to listen for subtle clues and use your wits to outsmart the monsters. Close doors, peek out cautiously, and throw plush toys to distract the wicked creatures. See if you can deal with all the dangers and see the light of the day coming through your bedroom’s window again in FNAF 4!

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