BIGFOOT immerses players into the heart-pounding realm of survival horror, where the elusive Bigfoot takes center stage. Offering two distinctive modes, players can either face an AI-controlled Bigfoot or challenge another player to embody the enigmatic monster.

Eyewitness tales consistently underscore Bigfoot’s gargantuan size, remarkable strength, and unmatched elusiveness. Despite years of fervent research, concrete proof of its existence remains frustratingly out of reach. As a Bigfoot hunter, your mission is clear: debunk the myths surrounding this creature and personally affirm that Bigfoot transcends mere legend—it’s a bone-chilling reality. The game intensifies as you gather ammunition, navigate the landscape, and defend against both Bigfoot and other predators.

Playing as a Hunter:

– Forge a team of Bigfoot hunters, either rallying with friends or embracing the solo challenge.
– Equip yourself with cutting-edge gear—the sole defense against the might of Bigfoot.
– Employ tools and cunning strategy to tilt the survival odds in your favor.
– Stay vigilant; dark forests conceal not only Bigfoot but also other formidable predators.
– Confront an ancient primate, recognizing that the hunter can swiftly become the hunted. In this high-stakes gameplay experience, every decision shapes the unfolding narrative, making each moment uniquely impactful.

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