Those who have managed to survive in the first two chapters of the FNAF series can continue this horror quest. It is a new chapter of this exciting entertainment. This time, the story has gone through some considerable changes. The events unfold 30 years after the first episode. The famous pizzeria was closed. But it was decided to reopen the place and exhibit the animatronics. But they still need someone to guard the toys at night. So you will take on the role of this person. You must work for five long nights here and remain alive.

Keep away from Springtrap!

As before, your character cannot do much in this situation. He cannot leave the place and there is no weapon to be used. In a small office space, you need to monitor and troubleshoot surveillance cameras. Keep an eye on a ventilation shaft, as you enemies will use it to enter your shelter. But your main opponent in this chapter is Springtrap, the most treacherous toy. You will be able to use special audio system to scare him off. But there is one difficulty – you will not always see his whereabouts on the screen. So be ready that he may attack you at any time. Even if the task may seem primitive at first glance, you will struggle a lot to succeed. The animatronics are hardly predictable, and you need to remain on the alert all the time to react instantly. Start playing FNAF 3 to check if everything is fine with your reflexes. You will love this adventure!

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