Out of all characters of The Amazing Digital Circus, the relationship between Pomni and Jax are probably the most controversial and turbulent one. And that’s precisely what makes it so exciting to watch them unfold! One minute, they hate each other and fight over nothing, another minute you can distinctively feel some serious Cupid-charged vibes between them. So, what’s it gonna be in this game?

Pomni X Jax: What’s The Game About?

Control your two favorite heroes of The Amazing Digital Circus.
Watch Pomni and Jax interact according to the scenario of your making.
Steer their relationship in the right direction.
Participate in surreal adventures, play fun mini-games, and solve tricky puzzles along the way.

Will Pomni and Jax end up as worst enemies or best friends? Maybe, even soulmates? That’s up to you! Plunge into the vibrant, enchanting and confusing world of The Amazing Digital Circus, see what kind of trials and troubles the deranged AI has prepared for you this time, and help our two characters cope with any challenges they face!

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