Lethal Company is a cooperative horror game that accommodates up to 4 players and is currently in early access as of December 2023. At the beginning of each game session, players are assigned a quota and a time limit to fulfill it within 3 in-game days. Throughout these three days, players must explore various moons, collecting items scattered across procedurally generated industrial complexes located on the moons. They must deliver these items to their ship and sell them to the “Company” moon to meet the quota. Failing to achieve the quota by the deadline results in “termination” (being ejected into open space).

Monsters hinder players in all lunar complexes, and during nights or lunar “eclipses,” monsters can appear outside the complexes. Players can also encounter different types of monsters with varying behaviors and danger levels. The in-game currency earned from selling items can be used to purchase new equipment for players or their ship, such as flashlights or loud horns for signaling evacuation or assistance in locating the ship.

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