That’s the message fans of the famous pizzeria got: I’m sorry, but it has come to the point where these mishaps have become too frequent for us to ignore. We will need to temporarily close JR’s restaurant to conduct a proper investigation. We know something is happening here, and if you care about this place, you’ll let us take a look. I know you’ll understand.

The game features a non-traditional gameplay approach for fan-made games. Instead of defending against animatronics using the available environment, players step into the shoes of a detective. The goal is to identify the ghost among the animatronics by paying attention to paranormal activity on the monitors: glitches, camera movement, and their disconnection. The player has control over two monitors: a surveillance camera system and a panel for selecting animatronics and transporting them to the workshop. Making a mistake and choosing the wrong mascot immediately results in a jumpscare and a progress reset. Animatronic stability, which can decrease, affecting the outcome, can be restored by repairing them in the workshop.

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