This is a fan game that is created on the basis of a popular FNAF horror series. It is suitable for fans of the franchise who want to plunge into the unique atmosphere and the story of Fredber and his family.

Story line

It tells the story of a bear, which is one of the main characters. The main actions take place in a restaurant specializing in entertainment for children. The game has to accept the role of a night guard and spend nights in this institution at a time when it is in the night period that animatronics come to life and become dangerous. As in other games of the series you need to use surveillance cameras and other tools to monitor the actions of enemies. The goal is to survive until dawn, when animatronics will turn off. It is important to monitor their movement and take appropriate measures so as not to catch their eye.

Features of the game

Here you will find yourself on a fascinating journey into the history of this world. The game is well conveyed by the retro-atmosphere, which will be appreciated by many fans. As in the very first game, your task is to survive for five nights, avoiding contact with animatronics. To do this, you will have access to surveillance cameras located throughout the restaurant. Use keys or buttons on the screen to switch between the cameras and monitor the movement of enemies. You need to find out where animatronics are and make sure that they are not approaching your room. Monitoring their movements will help prevent the attack, since otherwise you can’t survive. You have a limited energy resource that is used to nutrition of surveillance systems and doors that block the path to opponents.

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